Yes, PAPERMAG is the place to visit for coverage of the downtown cuties during Fashion Week. But just because we love the fashion forward doesn't mean we don't appreciate the finest of fabulous and fancy fashions as well. Therefore, we present you with Mr. Mickey's Uptown Fashion Preview.


Of course, we have to begin with the most chic and sophisticated of uptowners, Mr. Oscar de la Renta. Just to say the name makes one crazy with pleasure! The fun at the Oscar show is to see the ladies: Pat Buckley, Judy Peabody, Nancy Kissinger, Mica Ertegun, etc. They're usually in the third row, which has the best view when it comes to contemplating purchases. You also always get the requisite Sarah Jessica Parker, Olsen twin, Jessica Simpson, Beyonce and such. In terms of fashion, Oscar is all about two things: 1. Ultra high quality, sensible separates for ladies. 2. The opulence of the Austro-Hungarian Empire. And the Russian Empire. And every other empire. These gowns are outrageous and always dripping with jewels, fur and other doo-dads. No one does it like Oscar.


Marc Jacobs is a hipster, yes, but he's also uptown because we have to go to Bergdorf's to buy it! Okay we also can go to Mercer Street for the collection and Bleecker Street for Marc by Marc Jacobs, but we like the sales uptown. Last season, Marc created a frenzy with his ridiculously exaggerated silhouettes. Some people worshipped them and some people hated them with the white-hot intensity of 1,000 burning suns. And what do you think Mr. Mickey thought? Yes, they were sick and wrong, but they were adorable! Very Tim Burton! After perusing the dresses on the racks at the stores, MM became even more convinced of their cuteness. MM has no idea who will buy them other than fashion visionary Lynn Yaeger, but honey, that stuff is cute. This season Marc will probably throw us for a loop with a return to his trademark cuteness.


The highlight of the Carolina Herrera show for us is always when Mrs. Herrera herself comes out at the end. That woman is stunning! Carolina has a young, kicky feeling about her that somehow merges effortlessly with her uptown chic sensibility -- a very rare combination. They don't invite Mr. Mickey to the show and he's too lazy to request an invite so he can't tell you much more except that MM hearts CH!


In 2003, after a gorgeous and enthusiastically-received stint by Lars Nilsson, Michael Vollbracht took over as designer of Bill Blass. It's been Vollbracht's mission to bring back the "Blassiness" of Bill Blass. This stuff is American -- sensible and chic without being too runway or expensive. Think Oscar without the opulence of the Austro-Hungarian Empire. Bill Blass, in three words, is: very Georgette Mosbacher.


OK, she's uptown, downtown, cross-town, but we have to include Princess Diane Von Furstenberg. For MM, DVF is the ultimate and you need to go check out the size of the DVF section at Saks to see what a hit she is with the ladies. It's huge. Anyhoo, DVF always puts together a collection of slinky little numbers that have their roots in her signature, iconographic "wrap dress." It's young and sexy and kicky. And the front row is always A-list.

So there you have it. A random rambling on what to expect from some of PAPERMAG's favorite high-end designers this Fashion Week.

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