United Nude: Shop of the Week

Rebecca Prusinowski

Bond Street has gone NEXT LEVEL with the new United Nude flagship. The innovative shoe brand founded by Rem D. Koolhaas (nephew of famed Dutch architect Rem Koolhaas) and Galahad Clark (of the centuries-old shoemaking fam) is now bringing otherworldly footwear and a dazzling store concept to this cobblestone street teeming with cool.

The 1,800 square foot interior is outfitted with a sinuous wall illuminating United Nude's complete 2010 Spring/Summer collection. The box frame display is backlit by a computer-programmed LED wall that unfurls waves of bright color throughout the black space.  It's a sight in itself, but the shoes still take the cake. 

What began as a single-strapped shoe experiment in 2003 has expanded into a series of iconic collections and collaborations.  After the success of that first United Nude product -- the Möbius, using a single band to form its sole, heel, bed and upper -- Koolhaas and co. have continued to advance footwear design. The Eamz was an homage to the furniture classic, while the Fold was conceived as a scarf for the foot.  And then there's the Low Res, a semi-automated shoe that's been digitally scanned, reproduced, and molded into rubber.  Trippy! Check them all out above.

We initially felt a wee intimidated walking into this store, what with the mind-bending design and exalted Koolhaus name. But the United Nude staff immediately quelled fears of uneasiness, engaging UN's cult fans and curious newcomers alike. Between the outstanding service, visionary shoes and interior, United Nude is Bond Street's best yet. 

United Nude
25 Bond Street
(212) 420-6000

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