Two Kickstarter Campaigns to Watch: SnakeMonkey 3-D Studio + Ann Magnuson's Music Project

We're always keeping an eye out for worthy Kickstarter campaigns to spread the word about and/or puzzle over and we recently came across two that we had to share. 

The first, a campaign on behalf of SnakeMonkey Studio (read our story about founder M. Henry Jones HERE), aims to raise money to fund a "series of large format three-dimensional portraits and animations using our newly developed Fly's Eye 3-D technique."  Over the past five years, the SnakeMonkey folks have used their special technology to create photographic portraits that pop out at you in three dimensions without the aid of 3-D glasses. Watch their campaign video above.

The second campaign was started by actress, musician/performance artist, downtown NY legend (and, ahem, a former PAPER columnist) Ann Magnuson on behalf of her latest project, an EP featuring a "lushly-orchestrated musical and spoken word tribute" by Magnuson to openly-gay glam rocker Jobriath.  The EP will be produced by Kristian Hoffman who has worked with the likes of Klaus Nomi and Rufus Wainwright in addition to Magnuson and aims to include string arrangements.  Watch their campaign video to learn more about the project as well as Jobriath above.

And, in case the worthiness of the campaigns haven't already convinced you to donate, they're both offering a shit ton of cool rewards!  Check out SnakeMonkey's campaign HERE and Ann Magnuson's HERE.

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