TV on the Radio at Nitehawk Cinema!


Back in April, we went to a screening of TV on the Radio's short film for their latest album Nine Types of Light and were pretty impressed. The film, directed by TVOTR frontman Tunde Adebimpe, features music videos for each of the album's 10 songs made by different filmmakers with very different styles and yet somehow still feels cohesive. (Michael Musto even makes a cameo in the video for "No Future Shock," despite the fact that he has no idea who TV on the Radio are.) Anyway, the band is screening the film at Williamsburg's new movie theater, Nitehawk Cinema this Wednesday and will be holding a Q&A afterward. If you weren't one of the lucky ones to score a ticket to this sold-out event, you can also still win tickets on Brooklyn Vegan. Details here. (Or you can watch the whole film below, but what fun is that? Also, tickets to the band's Williamsburg waterfront concert with Broken Social Scene on Thursday are still available. So many options!) But, besides the allure of TV on the Radio, Nitehawk itself is also worth a visit. The surprisingly large theater has a nice little downstairs bar/cafe for pre-movie boozing, or, even better, you can enjoy treats off their cafe's menu via table-side food service in the theaters. Pass the tater tots and sesame chicken wings, please. 

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