Lana Del Rey, the patron saint of perma-bedroom eyes and vacant stares, set us up for a sleepy summer that seemed to come and go without much fanfare. 

Summer used to have a life-changing, carefree pulse to it, but it's already mid-August and winter is far too close. Summer sandals are being murderously discounted or pulled from store displays entirely. In their place are Chelsea boots and oxfords -- the standard New York Fall/Winter uniform. But whether you're in fashion-approved Birkenstock slides or Fall transition shoes, the same ennui still hangs over you. With a wry and detached sadness, you know that your summer pales in comparison to Leonardo Dicaprio's

In a city where nightlife is ever-present, can we really be this bored? There's always another party. Another gallery opening. Another pop-up shop. Another website to refresh. And that is precisely the problem. Somewhere along the line, boredom switched from cool posturing to a genuine state of being. 

In reaction to the repetition disguised as variety, some street wear brands are calling attention to this monotony of the everyday. They revel in having "no fun" and brand boredom as an inside joke. If you're bored, you get it. 

From No Fun to Bored Kids Who Draw, here's five of our favorite goods to fight off, or revel in, summertime boredom. 

1. Ocean Sweatshirt, Bored Kids Who Draw

2. Work Clock, No Fun

3. Bored Before I Even Began Pin, S T R A N G E W A Y S

4. Bored Raglan, Reason

5. No Fun Shirt, No Fun 

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