Trend Watch: Happy Pi Day, Miike Snow and Good Eats

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For so many of us nowadays, news comes courtesy of Twitter and that's why we're bringing you a new feature looking at what's trending across the country and around the world. Each day we'll highlight a new batch of cities and a new batch of odds and ends having their (sometimes brief) moment on the news feed.

Seattle: Happy Pi Day
It's 3.14, get it?

Los Angeles: Japan
Three days after the one-year anniversary of Japan's devastating earthquake and tsunami, the country gets hit with a 6.8 magnitude earthquake.  No immediate reports of damage.

Austin: Miike Snow
Swedish indie band is sitting pretty today with sets at SXSW and the premiere of a new video, "The Wave."

Memphis: Good Eats
Food Network star Alton Brown tweets about his off-the-air show, foodies suburban moms plead for him to bring it back. 

Baltimore: Kush & OJ
Rapper Wiz Khalifa comes out with new mixtape, "Taylor Allderdice" but fans prefer to tweet-reminisce (tweeminisce?) about "Kush & OJ" instead.

New York: Melo

The sports world is buzzing with rumors that Knicks player Carmelo Anthony has asked to be traded due to clashes with the team's coach and GM.  For our money, we wouldn't be surprised if he's just jealous of all the Linsanity.

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