Trash Classics Phaedra and A Rage To Live On DVD

Two of my favorite trash classics are now finally available on 20th Century Fox's wonderful DVD-on-demand. Phaedra (MGM) is the 1962 film directed by Jules Dassin for his wife Melina Mercouri, in which Mercouri plays the wife of a wealthy shipping magnate (Raf Vallone) who disastrously starts an affair with her son-in-law (Anthony Perkins). Not much Euripedes in this jet-set doomed love fable, but the memorable score by Mikis Theodorakis as a soundtrack album was a staple in every friend's house in the '70s. Perkins was a gifted, wonderful, actor but for a while he kept getting paired up with these monster women on film that ate him alive. And speaking of troubled female leads, A Rage To Live (MGM) a vaguely (and I do mean that strongly) based on John O'Hara's novel, is about about Grace Caldwell (Suzanne Pleshette), a wealthy young woman who thinks that marriage (to Bradford Dillman) will stop her raging nymphomania. That is until she sets her peepers on a hunky contractor (Ben Gazarra). Both movies are fabulously tawdry and need to be seen!

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