Trailer Trash: Greetings From Tim Buckley

Let the Jeff Buckley movie-mania begin. The first to get out of the gate, Greetings From Tim Buckley, which premiered to quite positive reviews at the Toronto Film Festival last week, stars Penn Badgley as the much-beloved singer-songwriter Jeff Buckley -- who after releasing his 1994 masterpiece Grace, drowned tragically at the age of 30 -- and focuses on his complicated relationship with his estranged musician father Tim Buckley, and romance with a young woman named Allie, played by one of our favorite young actresses, Imogen Poots. It takes place over the course of four days in 1991, those leading up to a Tim Buckley tribute concert at St. Ann's Church in Brooklyn Heights, at which Jeff has reluctantly agreed to play, and features flashbacks to Tim Buckley as a young father, played by Ben Rosenfield. The filmmakers didn't have the rights to any of Jeff's songs (rights were given to another upcoming Buckley biopic, Mystery White Boy, which stars Reeve Carney), but apparently they were able to secure the rights to Tim's music, which Badgley sings and plays himself. A third movie supposedly in the works, A Pure Drop. What do you think of Penn as Jeff? It's hard for us to think of him not as Dan Humphrey, but he seems to do that tortured musician thing quite well. And apparently he did all the singing in the movie, and his voice does sound very Jeff-life. After watching the trailer above, check out this spine-tingling live version of Jeff Buckley singing "Hallelujah" in Japan.

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