Trailer Trash: First Look at Phillip Seymour Hoffman as L. Ron Hubbard Type in The Master

Welcome to Trailer Trash, highlighting the best, worst and so-so in new movie trailers. 

We showed you the cryptic first trailer for Paul Thomas Anderson's simultaneously intriguing and creepy new film, The Master, and now you can watch a second one that seems to give viewers a (slightly) better glimpse of what to expect.  Starring Joaquin Phoenix, Phillip Seymour Hoffman and Laura Dern, the movie centers around a wayward man (Phoenix) who joins a cult led by Hoffman
called "The Cause" (which many have compared to Scientology). Here we see Hoffman's character interviewing Phoenix and describing himself as a "writer, a doctor, a nuclear physicist, a theoretical philosopher but above all, a man -- a hopelessly inquisitive man just like you" while images ostensibly from Phoenix's past play in the background.   

The Master is set to hit theaters on October 12.

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