Tory Burch Hints at Details of Her First Proper Fashion Week Runway Show

Kim Hastreiter
We snagged the super-talented and super-fabulous designer Tory Burch for a little pre-Fashion Week e-interview.

Kim Hastreiter: Are you sad or happy that summer's over? Did you do anything super fun?

Tory Burch: Sad and happy. I love the summer -- traveling, spending time with my family in Long Island, summer Fridays. But I am also looking forward to our show, inspiration trips with my design team and taking my boys to Myanmar at Christmas.

KH: Were you inspired by anything in particular this past summer that we might see in some future collection?

TB: The landscapes and architecture I saw in Ravello and Capri were breathtaking. Everywhere I went seemed to be a color story.

KH: Tell us a bit about your upcoming show. Can you give us some hints?

TB: Deauville in the Twenties -- sporty and polished.
KH: What are you most excited about this coming Fashion Week?

TB: It's the first time we are doing a runway show -- we are all excited but nervous!
KH: What do you do to keep from stressing out at this insane time of year?

TB: There is definitely a lot going on this season, but it's important to keep things in perspective and always have a sense of humor.

Photo from Patrick McMullan

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