Tommie Sunshine Exclusive DJ Mix -- "Polar Vortex"

by Abby Schreiber
On this otherwise frigid Thursday, let Tommie Sunshine whisk your eardrums off to Ibiza with his new "Polar Vortex" DJ mix, featuring EDM tracks by David Guetta, Disco Fries and Afro Bros, an unreleased song by Afrojack ("Musician") and a few bootlegs from Sunshine himself.

"I wanted to put something together that was representative of where music is at the moment," Sunshine says of the mix. "['Polar Vortex'] is proper EDM. It's edging towards the sound you hear at festivals. These days, that's what's ringing my bell."

On the subject of EDM, Sunshine adds, "I'm all for [EDM] going as mainstream as it can. It's gonna go so much more mainstream. People think, 'Yeah, it's gotten so [big]' but it hasn't even started. It's still a niche thing." Looking ahead, the producer predicts that "[EDM] is gonna get blown out and played out but it's gonna take years for that to happen so now is the best time to be a music lover, to be a DJ, to be a producer. I think this summer in particular is going to be the most outrageous time for music. And the best part is we've somehow sold America on the most subversive subculture of the last twenty years. They've made EDM into popular culture when in reality, it's a party culture, a drug culture, it's left-of-center."

And for any EDM #haters, Sunshine has this: "Anybody who just poo poos [EDM] or pushes it aside is just missing the party."

So come join the party and listen to "Polar Vortex," below.

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