Todd Solondz' Ferociously Funny Life During Wartime On Criterion Blu-ray & DVD

Out now on Blu-ray & DVD is Life During Wartime (Criterion), Todd Solondz' ferociously funny, sardonic, re-imagining of the characters from his movie Happiness, only years later and entirely recast. In a way, it's an extension of his film Palindromes, featuring characters so transformed by events that they actually look different. Joy (now played by Shirley Henderson) has finally broken free of her pervert husband Allen (Michael Kenneth Williams) and revisits her sisters for comfort. Trish (Allison Janney) is now living in Florida, is still on a quest for normality and is falling a divorced man named Harvey (Michael Lerner). Her son Timmy (Dylan Snyder) is facing his bar mitzvah but discovers to his shock that  his father (Ciaran Hinds) isn't dead, like his mother's told him, but is serving time in jail for pedophilia. Meanwhile self-obsessed sister Helen (Ally Sheedy) is now a successful screenwriter in Hollywood dating Keanu Reeves. None are comfort  for Joy and she seeks solace from the spirits of dead boyfriends (Paul Ruebens). Solondz' writing is diamond-sharp and each scene is as brutal as it is horrifyingly hilarious. A major work from a savage mind.

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