Tim Burton's Alice In Wonderland On DVD: Feed Your Head

Out now on DVD: Alice In Wonderland (Disney), Tim Burton's trippy new take on the Lewis Carroll classic about a young girl who follows a pocket-watch carrying white rabbit down a hole into the mad, topsy-turvy, universe of Wonderland. In Burton's version Alice (played by the luminous Mia Wasikowska) is now 19, with recurring dreams of Wonderland, missing her dead father, and, frighteningly, is about to be engaged to a dweebish count. Her terror at making a commitment brings back the rabbit and she follows down the hole again into an embattled Wonderland ruled by the crazed, bigheaded Red Queen (Helena Bonham Carter). When Alice meets the Mad Hatter (Johnny Depp) he tells her "You've lost your muchness" and through the course of her journey she finds her inner strength. There's a surprising girl-power Narnia adventure sense to the film not to mention the surreal visuals from the visionary Burton. And Johnny Depp with his Three Stooges Larry-like mane of frizzy red hair is delightfully endearing. He has an almost Scarecrow of The Wizard Of Oz character to this Alice. I must say if you missed the 3D version in theaters the Blu-ray certainly makes up for it in eye melting splendor. 

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