This past Saturday, PAPERMAG headed out to Chinatown chic spot Pulqueria, where we celebrated artist Sandro Kopp's gallery opening from a few days prior. Being that this was one of the first soirees we've attended since 2011 came to a close, we wondered if everyone had been keeping up with their New Years' Resolution, or if they, like us, had been spending more time at Rubirosa then the gym (we can't help it, we love pizza). "I didn't have a New Years' resolution, but I had a resolution I started mid-year," Bill Powers told us. " This is really boring, but it was to go to those Apple Store classes." And how's that working out for you, Bill? "I'm still going!" What an overachiever --  leave it to the dapper Half Gallery owner to make us feel more lethargic/bloated then usual.

It wasn't soon before we bid adieu to Cynthia Rowley's hubby that Terence Koh's all-white-everything aesthetic caught the corner of our eye. What had the artist put at the top of his list for 2012? "To bring truth, goodness and beauty to the world!" Koh softly proclaimed to us. And had he been keeping up his promise (aka being his amazing self)? "I try!" We also couldn't help but ask if the snow-inspired Koh had taken advantage of last month's wintry weather. "I think I made some snow angels," Koh admitted.

We continued to calmly make our way around the packed party, running into familiar faces like Johan Lindenberg, Waris Ahluwalia and Vladimir Restoin-Roitfeld, but soon enough all hell broke loose as man-of-the-hour Kopp entered the space with the goddess
almighty Tilda Swinton wrapped around his arm. The photogs' flashbulbs went bonkers as the two snuck away into a semi sealed-off area of the restaurant, where they spent the rest of the night downing drinks and chatting with friends. If the cool couple's resolution is to be one of the most sought-after twosomes in all of NYC, consider it done!

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