Tig Notaro's "Ask a Grown Woman (Who Kinda Looks Like a Boy)" Is Wonderful

by Max Kessler

We're pretty obsessed with Rookie's series "Ask a Grown Man" -- where famous hotties we have crushes on reveal their sensitive sides while doling out advice to teenage girls -- since its inception and today's is no exception. Rookie posted an "Ask a Grown Woman" (which has also been embraced by ladies we love like Beth Ditto and Paula Pell) starring Tig Notaro, comedian extraordinaire and grade-A Paper Person who cracked us up with her cuckoo stories about traveling in Colorado as a teenager. Many probably remember Notaro's  mind-blowing comedy set that she gave in the wake of being hospitalized for an intestinal virus, breaking up with her girlfriend, losing her mother in a freak accident, and being diagnosed with breast cancer over the span of a few months, and she really brings her "sensitive, funny person who's been through a lot" game throughout the video. You'll laugh about a made-up bunny farm, you'll tear up over dealing with grief, and you'll definitely leave with an even greater appreciation of all things Tig. Watch above.

[via Jezebel]

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