Thriller On DVD!

Out now on DVD is Thriller (Image Entertainment), a great anthology series hosted by Boris Karloff that played on NBC from 1960-1962). With a terrific score from Jerry Goldsmith, great directors -- Herschel Daughtery who directed 16 episodes and Ida Lupino who did nine among others. This began with more suspense filled thrillers but evolved into more supernatural territory with chilling scripts from Robert Bloch (Psycho). The Grim Reaper was a memorable fright one with a young William Shatner and Nathalie Shafer (Gilligan's Island) about a haunted painting that dripped blood. My favorites were Pigeons From Hell with Brandon de Wilde and a decaying southern mansion haunted by a crazed old woman wielding a hatchet. Waxworks, about a creepy house of wax (run by Oskar Homolka) where it seems that the wax figures of murderers roam the night looking for victims. Yours Truly, Jack The Ripper is an excellent tale of a man tracking down the real Jack the Ripper through the years. The Storm stars Nancy Kelly (The Bad Seed) as a woman terrorized in her home on a stormy night in fear of a killer outside. It just goes on and on. This box set includes every episode. All have been lovingly restored and many have insightful commentary tracks talking over the show's history and impact. I was obsessed with this show as a kid -- many of the episodes scared the crap out of me, and revisiting them fills me with unimaginable pleasure. 

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