We were rocked by Thom Browne's women's presentation this season, held last night in a gorgeous room at the New York Public Library. Browne is one of our favorite designers and in a world of commercial concerns, he throws those concerns to the wind and does his thing full tilt boogie. Case in point: the show opening with two "priests" praying on their knees as religious music played in the background. An army of nun-like automatons entered in single file in groups. Their habits were altered into a Catholic version of a burqa, leaving only the eyes (festooned with cartoon-sized false eyelashes) and topped off with wimpoles. One by one the nuns approached the priests who removed their wimpole (leaving the head covered) and habit to reveal Thom Browne's tailoring genius. Part female version of a 1920s men's three piece suit, part 1930s Winter Olympic Opening ceremony uniform,  the looks were sublime. No, these looks aren't wearable (nor affordable) for most women, but they were amazing to look at. It was Browne's vision undiluted and there's nothing like seeing an artist's vision fully-realized -- particularly with a soundtrack that includes "How Do You Solve a Problem Like Maria" from The Sound of Music and Aretha Franklin's version of "I Say a Little Prayer for You."