Thom Browne's Quirky Classics

I must say I adore what Thom Browne is doing at Brooks Brothers for women these days. Although some may call it classic I think his collection (called Black Fleece) is a super smart appropriation of preppy taken to an extreme high fashion place. Just up my alley. I think it's so chic and butch. Here are a few peeks at his looks for women for spring that I adore. I especially love his reference to the Brooks Brothers classic "fun shirt." I remember years ago, I used to wear fun shirts every day of the week until they stopped making them. The "fun shirt" was a classic mens button collar shirt that was made up of all the scraps of various striped and checked fabrics. A placket would be one color, the collar another plaid and the pocket would be striped. I still own a dozen of them. Pictured above is an amazing tennis sweater look, a hot white suit and a fun-shirt-inspired short set.

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