Thom Browne Does Brooks Brothers

Stopped into Brooks Brothers yesterday afternoon to see a very cute show of the new Thom Browne and Brooks Brothers collaboration. It was held in the very masculine top floor showroom at their Madison Ave. flagship. Although not as crazy as Browne's personal collection (see this month's issue of PAPER!), the clothes were definitely a huge leap into the 21st century for Brooks Brothers, a store that has such amazing heritage but has just ignored the young modern man for the past three decades.

Finally gays and just plain cute hip straight guys will have a reason to shop here at Brooks Brothers, a store that hasn't seen a slender trouser or hipster look as long as I've been alive.

Browne also showed a tandem women's collection, which was equally, if not even more cute. Browne did just what any hipster should do with Brooks Brothers: He celebrated the brand's history with classics like the business suit (only Browne's had skinny legs, skinny ties and fab down-vests made of herring bone) and tuxedos (Browne did a cape version and a sweater version as well!). He also married the heritage of Brooks Brothers' classic wooly men's fabrics, applying them to his modern silhouettes and odd-length pants, bermudas and jackets.

Here are some photos from

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