This Tinder-Inspired Dating Comedy Is Hilarious and Perfect

by Elizabeth Thompson

This might hit too close to home for some, but if you've got 19 minutes and something nearby to scream into, check out new web series comedy "Local Attraction." The series will be entirely devoted to following two characters on Tinder dates, or, for legality reasons in their case, "Timber." Episode 1 features the series creator, Connor Hines, as the worst, worstest, most-worst dude ever. "Assassinate your dreams." [Jezebel]

Billy Eichner and Patton Oswalt play "Does Shakira Know What This Is." [Hypervocal]

Tiny hamsters eating tiny burritos is the greatest thing that has ever happened to us.

Oh, Rachel. [Uproxx]

College Stephen Colbert. #Would. [LaughterKey]

High school summed up in six seconds. [Uproxx]

Get money. [JuliaSegal]

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