This Teen Fashion Documentary from the Early '80s Is Just the Best

by Elizabeth Thompson

Our friends over at Buzzfeed Style unearthed this spectacular documentary that an Antioch, California high school student named Scott Hayden made in 1984 about fashion. The video, set to Cyndi Lauper's "She Bop," features interviews with the "weird," oddly-haircutted fashion kids at school, all of whom matter-of-factly share stories of being tormented by "the jocks" for dressing differently. But did that stop them from having purple hair, cool leather jackets and a-symmetrical hair for days? No! Mostly their testimonies of harassment -- which none of them seem to be particularly bothered by -- made us want to slide down a wall crying, but the subjects' takes on personal style, fashion and uniqueness is tender and charming and we hope Leigh and Wendy totally moved to Seattle to do A&R for Sub Pop.

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