This Parody Colorado Tourism Ad Is Perfect.

by Elizabeth Thompson

This parody Colorado tourism commercial is perfect. Come to Colorado, where not everyone is a stoner. (Except everyone is a stoner.) [OfficialComedy]

Um. Where to begin? Here is a video of a man totally nailing the elusive, totally rare, balloon-slowly-having-the-air-let-out-of-it key-range that is Kate Bush's "Wuthering Heights," and it's just stunning. Singing starts at 0:57. [Reddit]

Writer Ted Scheinman tweeted this adorable and hilarious tissue the other day that his sister, a second grade teacher gave him. On it, two of her 8-year-old students have outlined the 24 steps to falling in love. "Go dance and put your noses together." [Uproxx]

Funny story... [Pizzzatime]

A map of the weirdest sex laws in each state. Really Florida, that's the best you can do? [Digg]

Hey! Good job, you w,.. oh...uh.. yes. Cool! Alright! My man! I didn't think we were going to high five anyway. Sob. [TastefullyOffensive]

Let's do this, weekend. [Mlkshk]

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