This Artist's New Show Has You Digging For Her Missing Grandfather

by Eric Thurm
(photo via Rupert)

Artnet reports that artist Laure Prouvost's solo exhibit "Burrow Me," displayed in Lithauania's Rupert arts center will veer dangerously close to the premise of a movie. Prouvost's art invites visitors to dig for the remnants of her (fictional) grandfather, a conceptual artist supposedly lost 20 years ago while digging a burrow for a performance piece. Several different types of shovels -- the GPS Shovel, the Four Step Shovel, the Sexy Shovel, the Reading Shovel, and the Drunk Shovel -- are available for use by people entering the burrow searching. The piece is meant to highlight participants' relationships with their own grandparents -- people who you are connected to, but in a sense can never really know or understand -- but, in practice, it seems a lot more like a really cool, treasure-digging adventure. Get your flashlights

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