Relaunches and We May Never Leave Our House Again

Now that we live in the Age of Watching TV on Our Computers, network websites are hustling to keep up with the joneses, aka, the paragon of online TV websites. Enter the newly revamped, which relaunches today. While the site currently says, "stay tuned. we'll be live shortly," tubefilter got an inside sneak peek. And it looks really good. The sleek new site features a super-searchable archive (you can search across all the shows on the site for certain phrases -- i.e. you can find out many times Seth Cohen mentioned Death Cab for Cutie on The OC), a cool application called WBlender that lets you mash-up clips from various shows (a tribute to Ross's monkey Marcel, anyone?) and full seasons of Veronica Mars, Gilmore Girls, Friends, Smallville and The OC. One of the main draws though, is the slew of (ten, to be exact) web-only shows. Highlights appear to include Sorority Forever (created by McG and Josh Schwartz), Whatever Hollywood (a comedy following three best friends named Suri, Apple and Shiloh) and Rich Girl, Poor Girl (from the creator of Laguna Beach, which takes a girl from wealthy suburb in Orange County and swaps her with an inner city LA teen -- eek!). Yowzers. We may never leave our house again.

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