There's a "WHAT THE F*SHION" Blooper Real

by Max Kessler

There's a "WHAT THE F*SHION" blooper real and it's still so good. Even when she's screwing up her lines and/or her wig, VFiles web series -- starring the brilliant Casey Jane Ellison as a hopeless f*shion devotee who sends up every annoying and ridiculous thing that fashionistas do -- is still 3000% funnier than most of what's on the Internet. Sadly the first season is over, but the VFiles crew have given us a gift in the form of this blooper real. Highlight quotes include:

- "I made so many mistakies this year because acting and wearing women's clothes was very hard for me."
- "Everyone knows that I hate things, so I told her to take the things and go."
- "Moles."

Watch above.

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