There's a Blue Moon Tonight + Christopher Bailey's Getting Married = Today's Eight Items or Less

1. There's a blue moon tonight! (But it won't actually be blue!) [via NPR]

2. Zebra Katz has released a creepy new music video for his song, "W8WTF." Meanwhile, he's about to go on tour with his PAPER Magazine summer issue-mate Azealia Banks. [via Pitchfork]

3. Though it did not make an appearance at the RNC festivities, a Ronald Reagan hologram exists. [via Daily Intel]

4. Some exciting 30 Rock news: "Kenneth's mom will be played by Catherine O'Hara and his mom's 'friend' Ron will be Bryan Cranston." [via Synechdoche]

5. Spouse killings in New York are down 44% from last year. Woo! [via Animal NY]

6. Love this pic of buzz-buzzy teen rapper Kitty Pryde and her mother from her show at Santos Party House earlier this week. [via Noisey]

7. Congrats to Burberry designer Christopher Bailey, who will marry his (hunky!) boyfriend of three years, Simon Woods, next month. [via Daily Beast]

8. Paul Ryan has a black ex-girlfriend named Daneeta Pope, and she's a Barack Obama supporter. [via TMZ]

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