There Is Now An Advanced Style Coloring Book

by Abby Schreiber
We love us a quirky coloring book that lets us shade in Bill Murray's Steve Zissou beard, experiment with giving Jon Hamm blonde hair (why not?) and connect the dots on Tupac's bandana (that would be in Bun B's rap coloring book). And now there's one more to add to our list: Advanced Style the Coloring Book by Advanced Style founder Ari Seth Cohen and illustrated by Ilan Schraer, out this September via powerHouse Books. You can bust out some crayolas and color in one of Zelda Kaplan's marvelous hats, play an AS-themed word hunt (with words like "vitality," "elevated" and "accessories") and connect the dots to complete a gentleman's natty lewk. Take a peek at some preview images above and below.  

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