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The Worst Celebrity Handles on Instagram and Twitter

by Elizabeth Thompson + Gabby Bess
This Thanksgiving, we're thankful that our Twitter handle isn't @Papermagazine_1 or some dumb shit like that. Below, we list the celebrities who aren't quite as lucky.

1. @taylorswift13@aaronpaul_8, @annakendrick47 and any celebrity Twitter handle with a number appended to it.

2. @S_C_: Points deducted for unnecessary underscores. Also, who is SC? If you publicly go by Jay Z, you should publicly tweet from @JayZ. We see you, Shawn Carter.

3. @thenewclassic: This makes no sense. Stop it, Iggy Azalea.

4. @mtgjdfjdfgukkhddtyhcffghhvdfyg: Smashing all the keys on the keyboard is one way to get an Instagram handle, but you'll probably end up regretting it:

via Instagram

5. @veeveeveeveevee: We love our resident astrologer Kool A.D. but we have stress dreams about correctly tagging him in tweets.

6. @thecampaignbook: Shia LaBeouf's handle is a reference to a coffee table book he put out in 2011. We had to Google that bit of info because, like most coffee table books that came out three years ago, we completely forgot about it. At this point, in 2014, we'd rather see him tweeting under @metamodernism so that we'd at least understand what he was referring to.

7. @xdannyxbrown: This falls under the same category as Twitter handles with numbers. Why doesn't he just buy "@dannybrown" from the husband, father, optimist, pragmatist, and co-author of Influence Marketing?

8. @hedislimanetwit: Does Hedi Slimane know that you don't have to include the name of the platform you're using in your handle?

9. @finallevel: To catch you up to speed, Ice T has an insane Twitter army that call themselves the Final Level Gang. Final Level is also Ice T's podcast. Ice T has a podcast and a Twitter army. What. Why. How did this happen.

10. @sordociego: According to Oxford Dictionaries, sordociego is Spanish for "deaf-blind person." Ok, but what about just @FredArmisen?

11. @actuallynph and @iamdiddy: We know.

13. @realtalkwithmwp: There's no point in making fun of Metta World Peace because his name is Metta World Peace and he does serve up some real talk.

14. @champagnepapi: Drake has a long history of referring to himself in the third person via Spanish slang and in shout outs to obscure Dominican boy bands, so this makes sense. It also looks like @Drake isn't available and @JimmyFromDegrassi probably wasn't the vibe he was going for.  

15. @aplusk: Ashton Kutcher was the first big Twitter celebrity and his Twitter handle still sucks ass. If you need to have a custom designed avatar to explain your dumb handle then maybe Twitter really isn't for you.

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