The Strokes' New Album Is Coming + Barbara Kruger's Twitter in Today's Eight Items or Less

Gary Pini

1. Follow artist Barbara Kruger on Twitter here. Samples: "The meaning of life is that it stops;" "You Destroy What You Think Is Difference."  What did you expect... what she had for dinner last night?

2. More Tweets -- this one's from Julian Casablancas on when we can expect the new Strokes album: "still not going to be out for a few months...mixing, etc."

3. Vice premieres their new TV series, "Guide to Everything," on MTV, December 6 at 11 p.m.  It's "Jackass meet 60 Minutes." That must make Steve-O Andy Rooney.

4. Author Tom Wolfe discusses Marshall McLuhan, television and the "tribal" online generation with Guest of a Guest: "(tribes) only believe rumors and that's what the blogosphere is."

5. There's a DJ set by Simian Mobile Disco tonight, November 18, at Santos (96 Lafayette) plus JDH and Dave P. [Santos]

6. Sea Rex: Journey to a Prehistoric World, a new IMAX film, opens at the American Museum of Natural History (79th Street & Central Park West) on January 10, 2011. [SeaRex]

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