The Sochi mascot bear has been dubbed "nightmare bear" by the Internet. No question, dude will DEFINITELY murder you in your sleep after freaking out from a bad batch of 'ludes. [Buzzfeed]

American figure skater Ashley Wagner got caught muttering "bullshit" to herself after getting her fourth place score. USA! USA! [Deadspin]

In case you missed this video all over your Facebook news feed this weekend, here is an amazing clip of a confused squirrel trying to hide nut in a dog's fur. The dog just starting on politely the whole time is what really makes it. And the squirrel's tiny paws. Too cute! [Jezebel]

Be mine. [Tastefullyoffensive]

Prince hair chart for your files. [Mlkshk]

11 sweet seconds of Bob Costas saying "pussy riot." [TheClearlyDope]

A+ [Reddit]

He's just being honest. [Mlkshk]

Rabbit shaming with Pipkin the very naughty bunny. [TastefullyOffenisve]