The Real World's 20th Anniversary + Taco Bell's New Nacho Burrito = Eight Items or Less

1) Get excited -- Taco Bell will be launching their Beefy Nacho Burrito (i.e. a burrito with nachos inside of it) this Wednesday. This is going to be the best summer (that everyone gets type 2 diabetes) ever. [TheDailyWhat]

2) Jen Doll's piece on the 20th anniversary of MTV's the Real World is a must-read for anyone who wants to feel real old. Weird details about the first three seasons of this show still come to mind easily for us (probably because we were watching it during key brain-development years instead of, say, reading), including the fact that CeCe Peniston's "Finally" was playing in the background when Julie, Norm and Heather went roller skating at the Roxy on season 1. Just FYI. [TheAtlanticWire]

3) Listen to the super-catchy new Whitney Houston/Jordin Sparks single from Houston's final film, Sparkle. [EntertainmentWeekly]

4) Here's Lana Del Rey before she was LANA DEL REY in a 2009 Keds ad. In it, a blonde Del Rey models Keds at Coney Island, wears heart-shaped sunglasses and quotes Francis Ford Coppola. [Rolling Stone, photo via Fashionista] Update: the video has been pulled by Universal Music Group. :(

5) Here's Matthew Fox looking upsettingly, disgustingly, barfingly sinewy in an upcoming movie where he plays a murderous cage fighter or something. [Dlisted]

6) The Great GoogaMooga Aftermath of Subway Hippie Horror. [The Awl]

7) Dammit. The Taxi and Limousine Commission is considering a proposal that would increase taxi fares by as much as 20% as soon as July. [DailyIntel]

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