The Quiet Music Festival Returns to Portland

by Emma Orlow

So you've done too many music festivals to count and you're starting to feel like a cranky old person who complains about huge drunken crowds and worries about getting hearing damage. You're not alone. There's a festival devoted for people like you and, obviously, it's located in Portland -- the place where young people go to retire! Artist Chris Johanson is hosting the third-annual Quiet Musical Festival, a weekend-long celebration of the sounds of "soothecore." Artists from all over the country will be gathering to "kiss the audiences' ears" and you can find everything from hip-hop (Money Mark) to folk/country (Brian Mumford's Dragging An Ox Through Water) and White Magic's "shamanic trance." The fest runs from May 31st through June 1st and if it's anything like this Portlandia sketch above, it's sure to be a (quiet) hoot.

For more information and to buy tickets, go HERE

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