The PAPER Crew is always Pret for Pret a Manger! (This Is Not an Ad -- We Swear!)

You know how in the movie The Stepford Wives that woman talks about her oven cleaner and says, "I love it so much if they asked me to do a commercial for it I would do it for free!"? Well that's how MM and the PAPER crew feel about Pret-a-Manger. MM lives for the Spicy Falafel Wrap and the fruit salad/low-fat yogurt parfait. Alexis digs into the Jalapeno Chicken Wrap. Whitney is crazy for the Balsamic Chicken Sandwich. She also enjoys a Slim Beef Sandwich with Cream Cheese. Oh and the popcorn. Hello! Intern Jonah can't get enough sushi. The PAPER crew Prets it up on Park Ave South between 32nd and 33rd, but there's a semi-new Pret at Union Square designed by PAPER favorite Rita Koenig, so we might just have to pop down there for our Pret fix. I swear this is not a paid adverstisement!!!!!

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