The Official Trailer for The Bronies Doc Is Here

By Hazel Cills

We've been deeply fascinated by the micro-culture known as bronies -- or males who have a deep and abiding love for My Little Pony -- for a while (our photographer Rebecca Smeyne shot a brony convention for us and Andrew W.K. covered this fascinating group of people for our Cult issue) and now we're finally getting to learn more about them. The unconventional fanbase is the subject of a new documentary that shines a light on the cultural phenomenon, interviewing self-proclaimed bronies about why they love a cartoon about candy-colored ponies so much and how they deal with disapproval from those who find fault in the idea of grown men loving a TV show meant for young girls. Word of warning, however: don't be surprised if you start to tear-up at the end of this -- we were not prepared to hear such nice testimony about how My Little Pony could be so radically life-changing.

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