The New York Public Library Found Timothy Leary's Nintendo Power Glove...

Jonah Wolf and Alex Bedder

1. Bob Saget has sold a memoir to It Books. [AP, image via WikiCommons]

2. A zebra escaped from a Staten Island zoo. [Staten Island Advance via City Room]

3. Girls on Grindr accumulates the profiles of ladies looking for the "gay bff" of their dreams. Here's how the hypothetical gay best friend might respond. 

4. The New York Public Library unearthed Timothy Leary's Nintendo Power Glove. [NYPL Wire via Gothamist]

5. The English language's 26 most important letters. [Awl, image via Flickr]

6. "Brooklyn Visits Heath," featuring the work of Brooklyn artisans, opens this weekend at Heath Ceramics' Los Angeles and San Francisco stores. [Heath]

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