The New Cults


We here at PAPER have never been much for following the pack. Since our early days, nearly 30 years ago, we have always been attracted to and made it our mission to celebrate all things niche and obscure -- people, places and ideas that are delightful and amazing to a small minority of devotees, and shocking and horrifying to most. (John Waters was the first celebrity to appear on our cover, after all!)

For our September issue, we decided to officially anoint the new crop of cult cultural figures working and living on the fringe, but who have managed to amass a rabid following. In other words, those who get them, really get them; those who do not get them, really do not get them. Whether you're one of the former or the latter, either way -- get to know the actors, musicians, artists, designers and creative forces who have got us drinking their Kool-Aid.

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