The Morning Funnies: Zac Efron Un-Hooks a Bra + Bold Pants Guy

The Arrested Development movie will shoot this summer, according to Will Arnett. [via Pop Culture Brain]

Zac Efron demonstrates how to unhook a bra: "You just pinch... and slide." [via Vulture]

Presented without comment. [via Neatorama]

Here's an amazing photo of Kate Moss and Treach of Naughty By Nature at a Tommy Hilfiger show in 1997. [via World's Best Ever]

Bold Pants Guy asked Mitt Romney a question at a Town Hall meeting yesterday. [via Buzzfeed]

This stunt dog, Geronimo, is shockingly good at double dutch. [via Motherboard]

Gerard Butler singing "Wonderwall" at The Darby. [via TMZ]

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