The Morning Funnies: Some SNL Dudes in Tiny Shorts + Skrillex in Reverse

The bad news: Grown Ups 2 comes out next year. The good news: it apparently includes Will Forte, Andy Samberg, Paul Brittain, Bobby Moynihan and Akiva Schaffer. Here they all are wearing tiny cheerleading outfits and filming a car wash scene yesterday. [Zimbio via ONTD]

Speaking of cheerleaders, here's one painted on a sidewalk by visual artist Sandrine Estrade Boulet. [MyModernMet]

Meet Mel and Joe Schwanke, a Nebraska couple who have been married for

64 years and own 146 custom-made matching outfits. [TheDailyWhat]

So ambitious, that Stephen Colbert. [StephenAtHome]

A giant cassette tape table made of maple, walnut and Lucite by Jeff Skierka. [LostAtEMinor]

And ridin' some tasty waves. [PleatedJeans]

Fun fact: Kristen Wiig's radio alphabet initials in real life would be "Kilo Whiskey." (P.S. Here she is filming The Secret Life of Walter Mitty. Check out her Mitty co-star Adam Scott roller blading it up in last week's Funnies.) [PopCultureBrain]

Spotted at Cannes: Zombieass:Toilet of the Dead. [Bleeding Cool via ONTD]

Skrillex in reverse = Skrillex. [Dog and Pony Show]

Moonrise Kingdom dance party [Via ThatIsAwesome.]

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