The Morning Funnies: Penelope Scotland + Mustache Cat

Penelope Scotland = Kourtney Kardashian and Scott Disick's newborn daughter's name. [via E!]

Awesome '90s desk. [via BuzzFeed]

And... scene. A clip of Gerard Butler auditioning for Dracula 2000 in 2000. [via Super Punch]

Danny McBride hints at what's in store for (the recently-announced) fourth season of Eastbound and Down: "Something we never really got to explore with the show that we always

wanted to was what life would be like once April and Kenny were

together." [via HitFix]

A cat with a mustache! (and a bonus red T-shirt.) [via BuzzFeed]

Couch dog. [via Epic Ponyz]

Sam Ronson on Paris Hilton calling herself a DJ: "It's like me calling myself a doctor from reading WebMD twice." [via TMZ]

If you keep forgetting to buy toilet paper... Programmable tattoo system moodINQ allows you to create an E ink grid on your skin and change the words as often as you like. [via Lost at E Minor]

Designer Monika Naumann has created a line of made-to-order, swimmable mermaid tails. [via Laughing Squid]

Here is a very sweet video of Bruce Springsteen dancing on stage with his daughter during a concert in Paris.

Here's a teaser poster for season four of The Cleveland Show, wherein Cleveland discovers there's a secret hip-hop society. Animated Kanye is so cute! [via Vulture]

Lawn Order. Dun dun dun. [via EmiloEstevez]

Our eyes glazed over the requisite "it's hot out" story in the New York Times this weekend -- till we saw this photo of a hot bear with his tongue hanging out.

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