The Morning Funnies: Obammmaaaaaaaa!!! Edition

Word. [via Instagram]

Barack Obama's victory dance. [via Thugzmansion]

Barack Obama's victory unicorn ride with rainbow lasers shooting from his hands. [via Fashion of the Christ]

This is sort of irrelevant, but funny nonetheless! [via claudiasangelshez]

Best Tweets of the night, courtesy of RuPaul.

Second best Tweet of the night, courtesy of Invisible Obama.

Honorable mention: People with angry Republican dads. [via Decrux]

Best knock knock joke of the night. [via The Girl Who Waited]

Creepy guys with scary horse masks for Obama! [via Polyoptosaurus]
Mitt's next chapter. [via elphabalives]

On the TV news front... Here is why everyone thought Diane Sawyer was drunk. [via Gawker]

"Donald Trump, who has driven well past the exit to relevance and veered into something closer to irresponsible here..." Brian Williams schooled Donald Trump. [via Business Insider]

Sarah Palin was giving us Tan Mom meets Lisa Vanderpump. [via BuzzFeed]

"Three Wolf moon." [via Fancy Pipes]

Dope. [via Slavic Inferno]

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