The Morning Funnies: My Little Damon + Bone Pugs-N-Harmony

My Little Damon: Friendship is Mattgic. A meme we don't understand, but enjoy anyway. [via BuzzFeed]

Today in taco-shells-made-out-of-disgusting-things news... this one's made outta bacon. [via Obvious Winner]

Meet Defensive Nickelback Fan. [via Lost at E Minor]

You will never look at a pickle the same way again. [via World's Best Ever]

Katy Perry reveals: "I was almost in The Help." [via Celebuzz]

Cute dogs in Tompkins Square Park reviewing Cass McCombs' new album. [via Jezebel]

A postcard from Pablo Picasso to Jean Cocteau. [via The Olympia Press]

Bone Pugs-N-Harmony. [via DListed]

A baby otter being weighed. [via BuzzFeed]

Apparently, Tracy Morgan attended a Jaguar event yesterday, proceeded to "mount" an XKR "like a stallion" and declare: "Look, the Jag put a baby in me!" [via Page Six]

A.O. Scott on American Reunion: "Remember American Pie? If you do, this movie is redundant and sad. If you don't, it's irrelevant. " [via NYTimes]

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