The Morning Funnies: Mark Paul Gosselaar Ruins Your Childhood + PBS Remixes Mr. Rogers

Warning: Childhood nostalgia bubble-burst ahead. In a recent interview, Mark Paul Gosselaar said he thinks Saved by the Bell was the worst thing to come out of Bayside since Jeff: "It's not a great show. The writing is kind of hokey... it's very much a

piece of that time." [Dlisted]

PBS had Symphony of Science mastermind John D. Boswell remix Mr. Rogers and it's pretty entertaining. Especially the slide whistle solo! [i09]

Uproxx has a bunch of GIFs from the Django Unchained trailer (which you can watch here.) Where was this smug, oh-you're-being-serious? Leonardo GIF during the GOP presidential debates??

Parks and Rec character Leslie Knope wrote an article for Variety about what she would do if she were president, including holding a breakfast symposium made up of "Democrats and Republicans, socialists and libertarians, civil rights leaders, academics and average citizens...Since most of the people at this

symposium would be men, I'd ask Beyonce to perform "Run the World

(Girls)" while she and I stand next to a giant lion, like in the video,

just so they'd all remember who's boss." [via ONTD]

They see Frog rollin', they hatin'. [Bunnyfood via LaughterKey]

Mrs. Doubtfire re-cut as a horror movie is absolutely terrifying. [Splitsider]

Hey bear, hey! [EpicPoynz]

Speak for yourself. [LaughterKey]

Do not disturb this way-rad pad. [X-Entertainment]

For the Sriracha addict in your life. [ThatsNerdalicious]

Here's Ron Burgundy on a stick, designed by Jon DeFreest for Vulture. The classiest ice cream bar in the game.

And speaking of ice cream...

We'll take one of these every day for the rest of the summer. Thank you. [EpicPonyz]

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