The Morning Funnies: Mad Men GIFs + A Massive Mastiff

The best GIFS from last night's Mad Men premiere. [via Gifulmination]

Peggy and Abe dancing.

Pete Campbell tripping.

Lane dancing.

Wha!? Sarah Jessica Parker and Matthew Broderick may move to Brooklyn Heights. [via NYDN]

This little woodland creature does the walk of shame. [via BuzzFeed]

Here's Owen Wilson with the Prime Minister of Malaysia. If you've seen Zoolander, you'll understand why this is funny. [via Moviefone]

A Safeway in Arizona has covered up the issue of ELLE magazine featuring a pregnant and nude (but covered up) Jessica Simpson on the cover. [via Jezebel]

Animal footprint shoes. [via Laughing Squid]

Fake Rolex watch bracelets by Peter Mclisky [via Lost at E Minor]

Look at this massive Tibetan mastiff! [via BuzzFeed]

The best/worst bridesmaids dresses ever. [via Daily Picks and Flicks]

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