The Morning Funnies: Lena Dunham Naked at the Emmy's + Joseph Gordon-Levitt Working It on SNL

Lena Dunham, naked and eating cake in a bathroom stall, was most definitely the best thing about Jimmy Kimmel's opening sketch at last night's Emmy's -- and maybe the Emmy's in general? [via The Gloss]

Jimmy Fallon and Stephen Colbert did not make it easy for Jon Stewart after he won his bazillionth Emmy Award last night. [via BuzzFeed]

Oh, and please watch Amy Poehler and Julia Louis-Dreyfus being amazing. [via BuzzFeed]

Meanwhile, on Saturday Night Live, Joseph Gordon-Levitt did this. [via xoxonguyenator]

Slaterrrrrrrrrr. [via Pizzzatime]

Mugging for the camera. [via basistka]

Twerk it. [via La Reblogothèque]

We're not in Kansas anymore. [via imgfave]

Lady Gaga wore this cuckoo bananas Comme Des Garcons dress in Paris. [via Zimbio]

We can't. [via Terry's Diary]

Stop, drop and roll. [via Tsukun Loves Fuzzy Stuff]

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