The Morning Funnies: Kristen Wiig's SNL Send-Off + A Fried Chicken Fight at GoogaMooga

Did you tear up watching Kristen Wiig's send-off skit on SNL? So did some other people. [via Gothamist]

This. [via Mr. Golightly]

Forget metrosexual black Abe Lincoln. Meet Freegan Chester A. Arthur! [via TNR]

Watch Lady Gaga plant one on Marge Simpson's during last night's Simpsons season finale. [via Queerty]

The King's Speech
: A super-cut featuring just the stuttering. [via Dangerous Minds]

You know what? We think we will. [via BuzzFeed]

Here are some people fighting over some Blue Ribbon fried chicken at this past weekend's GoogaMooga Festival. [via Animal NY]

Speaking of food, Law & Order & Food, a Tumblr blog devoted to exactly what you'd think it would be devoted to. [via Laughing Squid]

Our new favorite game: Name 10 Things That Aren't Skrillex. [via TimandEric]

PAPER's Julie Besonen spotted this sign outside of JoeDough. She told us, "I immediately went in and ordered one. It was delicous. The Yelper is an idiot."

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