The Morning Funnies: Katy Perry to Retire Peppermint Bra + Aaron Rose's "Used Art Panties"

Johnny Depp will briefly reprise his role as Edward Scissorhands on an episode of Family Guy. [via Monsters and Critics]

After her hair got caught in it, Katy Perry is being forced to retire her famous "spinning peppermint bra" for insurance reasons. [via NME]

Fun at Bed, Bath & Beyond. [via Epic Ponyz]

Here's Fabio holding a fan at a Whole Foods. [via Steph Was Here]

Lindsay Lohan and Lady Gaga hung out last night in L.A. at the Chateau Marmont. Apparently, Lindsay ordered a cucumber and a knife to the bar! But don't worry, #justaskinnybitch. [via Oh No They Didn't]

Sittin' pretty. [via Bunny Food]

Eggs on eggs, courtesy of Ludacris. [via Bobby Finger]

Watch as these unsuspecting folks stumble upon a shark while fishing. [via The Awl]

The Nineties Club, explained. [via Thunder Gulch]
A correction letter to the Washington Post from a fifth grade class in Bethesda, MD. [via Daily What] This two-headed pigeon makes HyperVocal's list of the "20 Weirdest Etsy Items of 2012."

Aaron Rose had a lot of cool stuff at his "fire sale" that took place in L.A. over the weekend -- including his "used art panties." [via Juxtapoz]

Vegetabrella -- an umbrella that looks like a head of romaine lettuce. [via Laughing Squid]

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