The Morning Funnies: Kanye West and Aziz Ansari Are Cat Friends + A Guy on Acid at the Westminster Dog Show

For $70, this watercolor painting of Kanye West and Aziz Ansari as cat friends can be yours! [via Uproxx]

For J. Lo's birthday, her boyfriend Casper Smart got her a diamond-encrusted teddy bear necklace because apparently they call each other "bear." [via Page Six]

We were not expecting to see the phrase "I just feed her a bunch of watermelons" in the the New York Times' 2,000 word story on Anne Romney's dressage horse, Rafalca.

Watch Bill Hader completely lose it and "break" during a dress rehearsal for "The Californians" sketch on SNL. [via Sarah Spy]


So. Many. Granny. Panties. [via Boing Boing]

Aisle of Man: Yesterday, a grocery store on the Upper West Side launched a "man aisle" featuring everything from condoms to steak sauce to douche bags. (Just kidding about that last one!) [via NYP]

A Little Monster can dream, can't she? [via Lady Gaga]

Coco recently had a bit of a time on the beach. [via Daily Mail]

Hey girl, hey. [via Fuck Yeah Dementia]

Killer heels. [via akapearlofagirl]

Slurp, slurp, slurp, slurp. [via Bunny Food]

This supercut will change your life... 75 years of Manic Pixie Dream Girls. [via Flavorwire]

Watch a guy on acid report from the Westminster Dog Show. [via Vice]

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