The Morning Funnies: Celebrities on Law & Order + Nicolas Cage on a Plane

Leighton Meester! Jennifer Garner! Rainn Wilson! Bradley Cooper! Buster! A super-cut of celebrities on Law & Order. [via Vulture]

Madonna eating cheese doodles in New York City circa 1983. #ThrowbackThursday. [via iperception]

Sexy Big Bird is likely to be this year's most popular Halloween costume. [via Herald Sun]

Who wants to make us a Sexy Yip Yip costume?

Scarlett Johansson, Psycho. [via Daily Mail]

The sad, dark reality of Pepperidge Farm "Milano Melts." [via Imgur]

Nicolas Cage not looking.... his best in this picture taken recently on a plane. [via HuffPo]

Related: People holding baby Nicolas Cage. [via Lost at E Minor]

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