The Morning Funnies: Betty White Goes to the White House + Texts From Scarlett O'Hara

Betty White visiting Barack Obama in the Oval Office. [RatsOff]

In the second largest Kickstarter campaign ever, $322,022 has been raised to fund BronyCon: The Documentary. (Their goal was $60,000.) The film will document a Brony Convention (that is, a gathering for adult fans of the show My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic) happening in New Jersey June 30th through July 1st. [AfterElton]

Anyone for a game of Murakami bingo? [IncidentalComics]

Ahhh! [FYouNoFMe via YippyWhippy]

Wut. Portia de Rossi has been cast as Lily Munster in NBC's remake of The Munsters. [Deadline via AfterElton]

A highlight from Mallory Otberg's genius "Texts from Scarlett O' Hara" post for the Hairpin:


ashley r u there
(im DRUNK (from brandy))
remember that time we made out in the barn

Scarlett, it's four in the morning and I have to get up in two hours to run your mill

Please don't text me this late
oh i sold the mill haha
did i not tell you that

Oh my God.
did you know that pantalets are out this year
that's why im not wearing any


Carved book landscape by Guy Laramee. [ThisIsColossal]

Ye olde bat costumes. [VintageGal]
(P.S. If you're ever in a pinch for a Halloween costume, you can make a pretty easy bat outfit out of an umbrella and a hoodie.)

Tin foil car. [FYouNoFMe]

Indiewire's got behind-the-scenes photos from Woody Allen's new movie, To Rome With Love. Here is a pic of Allen asking Jesse Eisenberg why the F he doesn't own a TV. (Also, check out Alec Baldwin in the background, looking like the majestic falcon of a man that he is.)

What's funnier: This deeply bizarre clip from '80s TV featuring a cat named Leo using a phone, or the fact that, according to this clip's YouTube title, Leo's name is "Randy Jr." in real life? [PleatedJeans]

Captain of the S.S. Awww! [Bunnyfood]

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