The Morning Funnies: Baby Adele + The Artistifier

Baby frickin' Adele. [via The Daily Mail]

The Artistifier turns any YouTube video into an Academy Award-winning black and white silent film. [via HuffPo]

This car bookshelf was (obviously) made by a Dutch person. [via Laughing Squid]

Elisabeth Moss on whether she and ex-hubby Fred Armisen stay in touch: "Oh God no." [NYP]
Obsessed with this list of '90s middle school contraband. Related: we think Co-Ed naked T-shirts are about ready for their comeback. [via BuzzFeed]

Chelsea Tyler (daughter of Steven) looks uncannily like her father in this Page Six Magazine story, where she reveals that she spends "90 percent of my time at home making art and music with my lover."

Apparently, a lot of gay guys in Germany pose in front of the Holocaust Memorial in Berlin for their online dating profile pics. [via Paddy Johnson]

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